Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rules of the (blog) road

I thought Blogger let you set up a good full-bodied reference page, but they don't. So I'll do a post instead.

The Rules of the Blog

They're short and simple.

- If you know me in real life, please respect the thin layer of privacy I've got here (pseudonyms, etc.). Please do not share this URL with anyone without my permission, and please do not link back to me from other online forums. (Yes, I know it's technically "fora." But usage has made "forums" acceptable. See? Something else you have to look forward to-- grammar and punctuation rants!)

- I am aware that being a single mom is a completely bizarre choice to many people. I realize that single parenthood can be controversial. I also understand that my political and religious views (not to mention my taste in shoes) might not be to everyone's liking, and by putting all this out there and being honest about it, I'm opening things up to opposing viewpoints.

Good. All are welcome here. Part of having a blog is, hopefully, engaging with others from all over the place. Whatever you think of me or of my choices, or of those that comment here, I welcome constructive criticism and polite disagreement. (I'm also a big fan of fawning adoration. FYI.)

However, if you're here just to bash me or any of my commenters, I will ban your ass faster than you can say "international adoption."

Long as we have all that settled, let's get on to other things.

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