Thursday, February 18, 2010

20 weeks

Had my 20 week ultrasound today. It appears that sproglet has all the necessary organs and limbs in the right places, and in the right proportions.

Good to know.

** **

This week's food craving: bread. Oh, bread, how I love you. Tonight's whole wheat bagel was heaven.

** **

I guess I haven't talked much about religion on this blog, have I? Anyway, Lent started this week. Because getting up for sunrise Ash Wednesday services at my church was seriously not happening, I went to services near my office.

The only churches near my office are Catholic and Methodist. I'm not a Catholic any more, so that's out. I like the Methodists, so I headed over there, and it was an oasis in the middle of my day.

I'm giving up ice cream and candy for Lent this year. I need to cut down on sugar. I don't eat much candy, but it sits around the office in various places and it's easy-- too easy-- to pick up a piece here and there. It adds up.

Ice cream... let's just say last weekend involved waaaay too much ice cream, and Lent came around just in time to put a stop to that.

Oh, low-fat mint chip. I'll see you in 38 days.

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