Thursday, July 29, 2010

Life with you

Taking care of a newborn is simultaneously one of the most fascinating and most boring things on the entire planet.

It's fascinating because she's this whole, complete, amazing little person who already has very definite opinions about a variety of high-level topics (window blinds, ceiling fans, blankets, diapers, etc.) and has her own unique personality. She makes hysterical noises when she's waking up (I swear she even barks sometimes), she hums while she's eating, she has the most gorgeous feet in the world, and she's started smiling randomly-- not really in response to specific things, but they're amazing smiles nonetheless.

So really, I could bore you for hours with stories of her fabulosity.

On the other hand, she's a newborn. Even though she's awake far more than most (who got the "sleeps up to 20 hours a day" newborn? Because IT WASN'T ME-- I'm lucky to get two naps from her a day! Which means no napping for me-- so much for "sleeping when the baby sleeps"), she's generally eating, staring at the above-mentioned window blinds/ceiling fan/other shiny object, or fussing because she has gas. As amazing and wonderful as she is, you do start looking around a bit during the fifth feeding of the day. You can only gaze at her beautiful, funny face for so long.

God bless Net.flix, is all I'm saying.

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Citations said...

I read. A lot, all the time. I got to be very, very good at doing almost everything with one hand. Having a Kindle would make reading much easier, but you know... I had my babies in the stone age.
Pity about the naps, but I wasn't good at making that work either.
She is beautiful, though.