Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dignity. Always dignity.

Elle is very, very busy these days with two things:

1. Sitting up.
2. Finding her voice.

The fact that she can't really do #1 doesn't stop her from trying one bit. She wants to be UP! UP UP UP! She isn't even rolling over (she can; she just doesn't) but darn it, if she's not sitting up, you are MEEEEEAN.

Girl's gonna have some nice abs.

She's a chatty little thing, as well, so #2 is a lot of fun. She'll talk to just about anyone and, often, anything.

In church this past week, she was chatty. My favorite moment, though, was in the middle of a very quiet moment when she let out a belch that was likely heard far and wide.

That's my girl.

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