Thursday, April 21, 2011

In her Easter bonnet

I really wanted to find Elle a pretty Easter dress for her first Easter. I'm a pretty practical mom; I don't put her in a ton of fancy clothes or giant headbands or anything.

But Easter is different. Easter is when you doll up for church. It's also my fave religious holiday of the year, so when I say "rejoice," I want to rejoice.

Surprisingly, though, it was tough to find an Easter dress. Oh, there are tons of dresses out there-- but they look more like pretty dresses, not Easter dresses. At least in my mind.

Apparently, I had a specific mental image of what a child's Easter dress should look like. Who knew? It needs to be pastel, of course. Eyelet is good but not required. A crinoline is nice. It should not look like the child is about to head off to prom, a christening where they are the featured guest, a quinceaƱera, or their own wedding.

These requirements were surprisingly hard to meet.

I ended up finding a dress at the last place I looked. It's a sunny yellow that will look darling with Elle's dark hair and eyes. It has a little crinoline. It has a ribbon around the waist with a bow in front. She's going to look like a little Peep, and I couldn't be happier.

What am I wearing? Who knows.

We all know who rates in this house. :)

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