Sunday, April 22, 2012


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Related to my earlier question about how Elle behaves in church...

This morning, I continued my post-Easter focus on keeping Elle away from the center of the action.  No wandering near the altar (it's a modified altar for the children's service), no wandering in the front of the aisle, etc.; I'm keeping her on the sides or in the back.  Or, for a little while, with me in the pew.

At coffee hour afterwards, one of the dads asked me "So where was Elle today?"  I explained I was trying to keep her in some less-distracting areas during the service.  "Oh," he responded.  "I missed seeing her.  I get bored when she's not around."

Now, one can take this any number of ways.  But man, I laughed my ass off.

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Tiara said...

What is this new Blogger stuff people keep mentioning? Mine looks the same...I guess I should count myself lucky.

Anyway, nice to have that positive validation!