Thursday, June 4, 2009

Two totally random Thursday thoughts, both about food

It is the tail end of asparagus season here in the midwest; the season is lasting longer because of the chilly spring we've had. Today I picked up three little bundles at the farmer's market-- so fresh that I ended up cooking them just a bit too long, by mistake, because they're so tender that they didn't need as long as ordinary grocery store asparagus.

Heaven. Slightly overcooked heaven, but heaven nonetheless.

** **

Met up with friends for lunch today (a whole post in itself, if I had time), and ordered a salad Nicoise at a little walk-up counter. I ended up waiting a minute or two for the tuna to finish grilling. When the woman working the grill came out, bearing the tuna, she placed it on the lettuce with so much care that she might have been plating a meal at Charlie Trotter's. She nestled that tuna in there like it was the finest of cuts.

It was clear that she took pride in that tuna and that salad, and refused to let it be anything but her best. It was one of those tiny moments that surprise you, and make you think. And, in my case, made me smile.

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Jennifer said...

Asparagus = divine.