Sunday, June 7, 2009

Economizing. Or not.

I'm working towards giving up artificial sweeteners and caffeine*, and am trying to create a new morning ritual for myself that has nothing to do with diet Coke. I'm trying tea; specifically, a spice tea that I just love. (Decaf!) It's expensive, so I thought "Hey, I'll reuse the tea leaves. Just once. Save a buck or three."

Well. If I wanted to drink dishwater, I have some over in the sink I could scoop up. Bleah. I think the little tea leaves gave their all in the first go-round, and just didn't have any more to give.

I will thank them for their service, retire them, and use a fresh batch each day from now on.

And investigate cheaper teas. :)

*My caffeine delivery system is, primarily, diet Coke. I've been pumping aspartame into my body nonstop for 20 years, and it's time to stop. Since I won't get withdrawal from giving up aspartame, but I will from caffeine, I'm giving up the caffeine first and then will move away from the artificial sweeteners. It's a process. It sucks. Fie on all this healthy crap!


citations said...

Me, I think the aspartame is a much bigger problem than the caffeine... But anyway, applauding the healthy moves and all that. I started drinking a lemon & honey (or maple syrup) thing every morning as a detox drink (big city anti-pollution measure) and, astonishingly, I sometimes can make it quite a while without caffeine. Eventually my lack of sleep tends to catch up with me. Just thought I'd pass that along, because you definitely have big city pollution issues there, too, and I've found this a surprisingly decent way to start the day. I use maple syrup in the morning and add a dash of cayenne.

J said...

Can't stand the maple syrup, but I've already read somewhere about lemon and honey and have been thinking about it.