Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Oh, she is just ridiculously cute right now.  Eating well (her menu is still limited, but I'm slowly broadening it by introducing a couple of new things a week with a backup plan), sleeping well, talking up a storm.  Running around like crazy (but has no interest in climbing on furniture yet, which I am totally encouraging).

She has started calling me "Mommy" more and more, although since her birth I have referred to myself as "Mama" and always use that phrase when I talk with her.  She still uses Mama, but not always.  Since I think she's pretty much going to decide for herself, ultimately, I may be heading in the direction of being Mommy.  I guess that's OK.

I think she's going to be a lefty.

She's starting to really like having a blanket on her.  She asks for me to put it on her when I put her down.  I've noticed that she also likes sleeping on top of it when it's kind of bunched up, which is very similar to how I sleep, though I use a pillow not a blanket.

She has great big explosions of affection-- for me, for Bunny, for random other toys or people.  She'll run over to me, fling her arms around my legs, and yell "MAMA!"  Then, a moment later, she'll run back to whatever she was doing.  She'll say "Thank you, Mama!" with different inflections, and laugh and laugh when I say "thank you" back to her with the same inflection.

She loves the park, the swing, the slide.  She loves running up and down the tiny hill at the park near us.  She is a happy, curious, verbal, loving, outgoing little girl.

The whole world is opening up to her, and she wants it all, right now.

I would like to take credit for the amazing little person she's becoming, but truly:  she's an amazing little person all on her own.  I am just lucky to be there to help when I can.

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Tiara said...

"she's an amazing little person all on her own. I am just lucky to be there to help when I can." So well said! I love it.