Thursday, August 27, 2009

Attitude adjustment

Good Lord, being around me this week is like being around one of those cartoon characters that has a black cloud floating over her head. I am grumpy and crabby and snappy and eyebrow-raising and just plain not my usual self.

The culprit, mostly, is hormones. Work has also been one of those weeks where, if I was Queen of the Forest, I'd be throwing a bunch of people over the cliff and shouting "Have a nice trip!" at them on their way down. Of course, I don't get to do that. I have to stay at least polite to people, even those people at the top of the Over the Cliff List.

I don't have to like them. I just have to work with them professionally. (I think maybe that's my next tattoo.)

Anyway. On days/weeks of grumpy, sometimes the YouTube is my savior and my happy place. Don't judge me.

Interspecies lurrrrve (this makes me cry every time, but it's a happy crying):



And last but not least, one of my favorite Bollywood numbers: "Maahi Ve" from Kal Ho Naa Ho. (Hey, don't knock the Bollywood until you've really tried it. It's awesome and happy-making. If you want recs, let me know.) FYI, the main dancing guy in the burgundy salwar kameez is Shahrukh Khan, who's the uber-superstar of Bollywood.

My work here is done.

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