Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back in town

Had a nice long weekend visiting friends. Of course, the weekend I'm there is the weekend that the east coast is drenched in humidity-- it was like taking a bath every time you walked outside. In NYC, I was hopping in and out of stores periodically just to keep my body temp below spontaneous combustion levels. (Seriously. But if I'd spontaneously combusted, my own sweat would have put out the fire. Such a pretty image, I know.)

I didn't care about the heat, though, because I love NYC. If I ever won the lottery (which would be tough, as I'd need to actually buy a ticket to win a dime) I'd buy a little place there; maybe with a view of Central Park. I'm not sure I could ever actually live in NYC permanently, but I'd love to be able to visit far more often for so many reasons-- not the least of which is that FC is there.

We met for lunch, took over a table and talked and talked; it was so good to catch up with her. (It was also good that we didn't go to lunch until later, so that no one kicked us out, given how long we hogged that table!) One of the nicest things about good friends is that no matter how long it is between good conversations, it feels like only a few minutes have gone by.

The rest of the weekend sadly didn't involve either FC or NYC, but did involve many other good friends and good things. This is likely to be my last long weekend/vacation for a while. It was a good one.

** **

Tonight after work I went and helped friends paint their new house. It's adorable, and of course makes me want to move. RIGHT NOW.

My real estate lady, though, thinks I should wait until late winter/early spring to list. Given everything else I have going on, this is probably a good idea.

I guess.

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