Friday, December 4, 2009


I kind of played hooky from work today-- not totally, because I worked from home a fair bit. But I didn't go in, so that's hooky.

The Big Firm that bought us is changing how we get time off, and today was a little bit of petulant "nyah nyah, I've got three more weeks to use the sick days you're taking away from me," and a little bit of "I'm tired, dammit."

(I find "food poisoning" to be a fine excuse to stay home. You can't claim a cold, after all; you would still have the remnants of that in a couple of days. Headaches are good. Fevers are touchy. Food poisoning? Excellent.)

It was a good slacker day. I slept in, got up and did (work) e-mail, went to Tar.get, came home and did a conference call, met up with a friend and went to, then came home and did more e-mail.

Hey. It's not exciting, but it's life. And I love It's my happy place. Also, I ended up spending $40 and the friend I took ended up spending several times that. Ha! I am a pimp-- and proud of it.

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