Saturday, January 9, 2010

I got the fever

I so look forward to weekends. This one was planned to the gills. Saturday: gym in the morning, Art Institute with friends in the afternoon, use evening to prep for dinner guests on Sunday, so I could spend time with dinner guests rather than cooking from scratch. Sunday: sing, gym, guests for dinner.

Revised plan: wake up at 3 a.m. Saturday morning with a brutal sore throat and a fever. Spend Saturday on the couch, alternately sleeping, messing around on the intarwebs, trying to drink lots of fluids, and reading. Cancel Sunday dinner guests.


I'm currently unmedicated (and all I can take is acetaminophen anyway, darn it) and have only a minimal temp, so I'm hoping a good night's sleep tonight will knock the rest of the sick out. SO ANNOYING.

I also must admit I'm annoyed because I was really looking forward to having leftover chicken enchiladas and possibly leftover guacamole in the house. (Although the odds of guacamole being left over are never very good.) Company is such a good excuse to cook stuff I wouldn't normally make.

If I feel OK tomorrow, though, I'll probably modify the side dish recipe I was going to use (a black bean dish) into a rice and beans dish that I can use for various meals throughout the week.

But that's not as good as guacamole. Grr.


I've been telling more people about the pregnancy, now that I'm nearly 15 weeks and have cleared the genetic testing hurdle. (More on that in another post.) I told one of my two bosses on Friday, and he was just as great about it as I expected. Shocked as hell (and remember, I don't give a bunch of context; how this came about isn't something I offer up), but very positive and supportive. He gave me a big hug and he's about the least huggy person I know, so I was really touched.

I tell my other boss this week. I'm more worried about her. I don't know her; she came about through our recent acquisition. I don't trust her one bit, though she seems to like me and has said very positive things about me. She also fought to keep me, and keep me at a decent (albeit reduced) salary.

But I still don't trust her. I question myself on many things, but I do know when to listen to my gut. And my gut says she'd sell me out in a heartbeat.

One of my goals post-baby is to find another job, but I obviously need to take good care of this one for right now. I'll need to be careful, and I will. I've already started thinking about plans for covering my leave, and I have also been thinking about plans for managing my workload once I'm back from leave. A ways to go, yes, but it doesn't hurt to start planning now.

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