Wednesday, February 8, 2012


We are having a rough week at Casa Plus One.

Part and parcel of having a toddler is having the toddler do things you don't like. My toddler is highly opinionated-- not unusual for a toddler, I know, but she is in the unfortunate position toddlers get into of having more opinions than she has words to express them. This leads to some undesirable behavior. Meltdowns. Getting pushy with other kids when they don't bend to her will.

I know that lots of this is typical toddler behavior, and it's been going on for a while. But she did such a Jekyll to Hyde thing as of Monday morning-- suddenly, it was like usual toddler behavior, squared. Then cubed, and tossed with a healthy dose of restless sleeping and separation anxiety.

The sitter wondered if perhaps her ear infection (finished antibiotics last week) wasn't entirely gone. She's a bossy little thing, but there's a big difference between my willful, sunny toddler and the entity that's taken over her body since Monday. So I made a doc appointment. It's worth a copay to make sure the ear infection is well and truly gone.

It's not her ears, fortunately. I don't want to keep putting her on antibiotics. It's her teeth-- all four of her eyeteeth are coming in at once. Hell, I'd be crabby too! The pediatrican was pretty clear that I should use Tylen0l as needed, even during the daytime.

Teething is barbaric, when you think about it. We just need to get through it. If nothing else, I'm glad to have a reason why my sweet girl is... not so sweet right now.

She'll be back.


Citations said...

Fyi, and not to scare you, but my boy was truly inconsolable and hysterical with pain when he was teething. My MIL, a nurse, said "enough is enough" and strongly recommended benadryl so that everyone--including baby--could get some relief.

The other option was whisky, liberally applied to all parties. Benadryl seems like it might be more pc though I'm not actually convinced it's any better for you.

Poor little Elle, and poor you! May the teeth break through soon.

Tiara said...

I agree...teething is barbaric! As for Citations' advice, I say you meet in the middle...Benedryl for Elle, whiskey for you, lol! Hope she gets back to her sweet self soon!