Saturday, October 17, 2009

Things you never really wanted to know

One of the side effects of IVF/fertility treatments: a sore butt. The right side of my tush feels like someone has been beating it with a mallet for several hours. Not good.

The reason: you have to inject yourself with progesterone. It's in a huuuuge needle, and it's an intramuscular injection; that means the butt. (Apparently you could use the thigh, but that's even more potentially painful, according to my doctor.) Then, the progesterone itself is suspended in oil, so if you don't sit yourself on a heating pad immediately after injection and stay there for as long as you can, well... You know what happens when oil isn't warm. Think about it.

I'm switching to an alternate progesterone delivery method (really, you don't want details, although you may get them eventually) after Sunday, so I've been trying to twist around and inject in my left tush rather than continue to make the right feel even worse. By Monday, both sides of my butt should feel equally like crap.

See? The things you learn from me. Well, the four of you reading this. :)

** **

Transfer was Thursday and went fine. Surprisingly, three of the embryos were of good quality, so that's exciting; the fourth was fragmented and rather sad, so while they popped it in with the rest, it's probably already moved off into embryo heaven or wherever they go.

I'll know more in a couple of weeks. Given my odds, I am doing my best to simply live my life and not think about it; at this point, all I can do is be healthy and keep going.

The two days of bedrest after were excruciatingly dull. You always think it's going to be nice to have an excuse to laze around, until you actually have to laze around. Boring. I watched Net.flix online (documentaries, mostly), and napped. Friends came over both nights for dinner and movies, so that was good. I got a lot of crochet done. I paid bills. I thought longingly of all the cleaning I could do if I wasn't on bedrest. (That's how you know you're bored: when you WANT to clean.)

The friend that came over last night brought her dog, and it was so nice to have a puppy around the house for a while. She's a love bug, so I got lots of dog cuddles and a few unwanted dog kisses-- dogs don't really make any kind of break between licking themselves and licking you. Heh.

My house feels much more like a home with a dog in it. Someday.

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