Friday, May 15, 2009

Mini bio, and why I'm here

You've gotta love that I made sure to put up the blog rules before I actually did any kind of substantive posting, hm? You would perhaps assume I have some experience in how messy blog commenting can get. You would perhaps be correct.

At some point, I'll move the guts of this over to my profile, but I figured if I am going to start up a blog, I should let people know who I am and why I'm blogging.

I'm a single woman, over 40, and I'm going to be a mom. I am looking at both adoption and artificial means. I actually prefer adoption (there are so many children who need homes), but am having things checked out (seeing if the plumbing is in working order, so to speak) just to find out if that route is a possibility.

The plumbing's not looking so good at the moment, so I'm glad that adoption has always been a really exciting and positive idea for me.

I'd initially thought a blog would be a good way to keep everyone in my life up-to-date with progress. I've backed off that a bit (knowing myself, the topic drift could get tricky depending on who's reading this!), though I will share this blog with a number of people I trust.

I've really started this for two main reasons:

1. To keep track of things. I am going to be a single parent, one way or another, and children love stories of their origin. Someday, this may serve that purpose. With, probably, some judicial editing. (See above re: "topic drift.")

2. To connect with others in the same or similar situations. There's a huge network out there of people, with their stories and experience and support. Single motherhood is not and will never be easy; I figure the more people I have on my side-- even virtually-- the better!

I look at the points above and laugh, knowing that things will change over time. That's cool.

More to come. With my usual impeccable timing I've started this-- this blog and all the testing that goes with checking out the plumbing-- right when I have very little time. So I'll get things up here in dribs and drabs, as I'm able.

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