Thursday, May 21, 2009

Testing, testing

Last week: Nurse Practitioner P (who tells me about the HSG results indicating lousy plumbing) says to call when I start my period; there are tests to be performed on specific days of my cycle (see previous entry) and they'll schedule me once they know what Day One is.

This week: Get my period. Call. Nurse Practitioner P-- the same one:

- Tries to schedule me for another HSG
- I tell her I've had the HSG and remind her of the tests I've been told I need, thus the reason for my call
- Talks about scheduling me for an ultrasound which doesn't sound like the specific type of ultrasound I was told that I need
- Tells me that we'll probably be doing an ins*mination next week if all looks well. This would be difficult, given that I'm 1) not done with the testing and thus 2) have not been given the go-ahead to buy the sp*erm, not to mention 3) the plumbing doesn't look good THUS THE ADDITIONAL TESTING. Whose chart are you looking at, lady?
- Backs off this last statement without sounding like she's actually found the orders for what testing I DO need
- Has a long conversation with me to discuss what kinds of prescriptions I need, which turn out to be for the HSG... which I've already had... which she's trying to schedule me for AGAIN.
- I tell her, again, that I have had the HSG, and again remind her of the tests I've been told I need
- Schedules me for bloodwork and an ultrasound, hangs up.

I know I need the bloodwork, so we're good there. Thinking about it, though, I called back later and left a message, asking to confirm if I had been scheduled for the right kind of ultrasound-- I do not want a test I don't need, nor do I want to miss a window to take the test I DO need.

Didn't hear back. Left another message today. Finally got a call back, and there are TWO kinds of ultrasounds I need; the saline one needs to be done next week. I can schedule that tomorrow morning, I think.

I've scheduled my MRI, so I'm doing my part. Argh. Sick of this, and hate missing work. Plus not everything can be done on the same day, so I'm missing bits and pieces of different days. Joy.

** **

Work is insanity cubed right now-- we're merging with another firm, and all the records requests and various reports/due diligence things are exhausting. It's fun to be busy, though. With the economy and with waiting to hear what was going to happen with the merger, things were really quiet for a while. I was very, very caught up on filing! It may be chaos, but I'd always rather be busy.

I have meetings Tuesday/Wednesday relative to the merger, and I won't be getting any kind of agenda until sometime this Friday... so I anticipate working over the holiday weekend. Whee. Because of this, my plan is to sneak out a bit early tomorrow with my new camera and snap some pictures of an amazing new building. Watch this space!

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