Saturday, November 14, 2009


As mentioned in the last post, I don't have morning sickness. Or any kind of sickness, really. Sometimes during the day I'll feel a little queasy, but it passes. My mom told me she never had any kind of morning sickness, so I'm hoping I take after her. If I had to get her tendency to gain weight, it would be only fair to get the non-barfy from her as well.

I'm tired all the time-- but honestly, this time of year I'm tired anyway. With the time change and the darkness and all that, I'm always extra sleepy. I have noticed that even though my mad love for Jon Ste.wart means I want to watch him every night, sometimes I can't seem to stay awake.

(Fortunately, there are reruns.)

The only other thing I've noticed-- and this is going to sound uber-strange-- is that I smell different. Not stinky (I hope), but different. Almost... sweet citrusy? It's weird. I haven't changed body lotions or soaps or shampoos or anything, so I think it's just a change in body chemistry.

I haven't noticed it today, actually, but it's been the one consistent thing that I noticed even before I got the test results back.

Very odd.

Off to enjoy what is probably one of the last beautiful weekends of the fall.

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