Sunday, November 22, 2009

Unnatural Redhead

After doing a bunch of research, I finally gave in and colored my hair this morning, using the least chemical-y kind of hair color I could find, which means it's one of those 30-day type colors. I look very red now-- I have so much grey that the dark red-brown I picked can't possibly make it dark red-brown.

Whatever. It's better than looking like a skunk, thanks.

** **

I felt very punk yesterday. So far today I feel fine, but then I felt fine yesterday morning and it went downhill from there; I'm hoping it was a one-shot deal. Seriously, I got almost nothing done yesterday, and if there's two days in a row of that, my house will descend into total anarchy.

** **

Various people I know have watched the Canadian television show Slings and Ar.rows, and all have recommended it. I've just not gotten around to requesting it from Netf.lix, but this week a friend brought the DVDs over and I watched the first two episodes.

I am totally hooked. It's the story of a theatre company, and all the people and personalities and conflicts that involves. It's got wonderful dialogue, extremely strong performances (Paul Gros.s is terrific, and from what I hear many of the other actors get a chance to shine as the series progresses), a terrific sense of humor, and it's just plain smart. I love smart television. (I also love theatre, so looking at it from the backstage view is a treat.)

It's three seasons of six episodes each, so it's not a huge time commitment. I'm looking forward to devouring the rest.

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